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 Les filles dans Maxim

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MessageSujet: Les filles dans Maxim   Mar 24 Oct - 20:22

Sophia Bush, Hilarie Burton et Danneel Harris pour le magazine "Maxim" ! Voici l'interview (en anglais malheureusement ! )

How does it feel to be a part of the whole young, hot Hollywood scene?
Danneel: Honestly, it feels like a nine-to-five job.
Hilarie: It’s nice, though, because we film our show in a really small, Southern town—Wilmington, North Carolina.
Sophia: We have normal lives. We’re not getting big egos out here like those people who are constantly chauffeured around and going to parties every night. A lot of the people in this business seem to think they’re entitled to extra-special treatment.
Hilarie: Film�*ing across the country, I often feel like we’re underdogs—which I like. I’ve always rooted for underdogs. Hopefully, our work on camera speaks for itself, because that’s really all you ever see. There’s no Page Six in Wilmington!

There are, like, two streets with things to do in Wilmington, though. What do you do for fun?
Hilarie: It depends. There are clubs where the sorority girls go—we don’t go to those places. We go to rock bars like the Soapbox. That’s our spot.
Sophia: Usually, we just spend nights at home or throw parties for each other.
Danneel: And sing rock’n’roll karaoke together!
Hilarie: It’s true, dude! There’s nothing like a little Journey at two o’clock in the morning.
Sophia: We’ve done some serious Notorious B.I.G. songs, which is really amusing—100 people staring at the geekiest little white girls in the bar, screaming Biggie at the top of their lungs.
Hilarie: We’re dorks.
Danneel: I don’t try to perform and be like Paris Hilton, showing up at some party and singing her new song.

You see her on Today?
Danneel: She was actually really good. [pause] I’m totally lying. She sucked. Just kidding!

Don’t you feel like you’re missing out on all those swanky gift bags?
Sophia: Sadly, we’re not around when they’re given out, but I wouldn’t say we missed out. It’s not like we’re entitled to anything just because we’re actors. I think when you develop a sense of entitlement, you’re in trouble.
Hilarie: I think we should definitely get more free ****. I love presents! Last year at the Teen Choice Awards, I got one of those Orange County Choppers bicycles, like, for little kids. I gave it to my cousin for Christmas. We’ll never use that stuff, but it’s fun to get things that our relatives think are cool.
Sophia: I still get excited. You think, Really? I can have it? And sometimes people want to give more, and it’s like, Two?

Who makes you starstruck?
Hilarie: I’m obsessed with that show Miami Ink. I was sitting in this bar in Miami, and the whole cast walked in with all these buxom women, and I yelled out, “Oh, my God!” They turned around, and I quickly realized what a tool I was.
Sophia: I was out last night, and almost lost it because I looked to my left and there’s Hugh Laurie. I love House. I mean, I love it.
Danneel: Oh, like Law & Order: SVU? Oh. My. God.
Sophia: Oh! That’s my all-time favorite. I met the cast last year. When Richard Belzer shook my hand and I looked him in the eye, I was having heart palpitations. I said, “I’m sorry, I can’t breathe. I’ll be fine in a second.” And he said, “Over us? Really?” I have every episode of every season TiVo’d. I freaked out.

You must encounter your fair share of starstruck fans, though. What’s the creepiest interaction you’ve had?
Hilarie: Can I say this, or are you going to get mad?
Sophia: Oh, go ahead.
Hilarie: We were doing this mall tour for our show—it’s great because we finally got to meet our fans face-to-face—and this guy came up to Sophia and me with letters that said, “Since I can’t marry you, I’d like to adopt you.”
Sophia: It was so creepy. He told us his entire life story. He was 62 years old.
Hilarie: But it was sweet! Well, it was creepy and sweet at the same time.
Sophia: It was well-intentioned, but at the same time, it’s like, because we can’t be in a relationship, you want to be my dad? That’s weird.

What’s the worst paparazzi run-in you’ve ever had?
Hilarie: I haven’t really had one. I’ve become kind of desensitized, because for the longest time I was that press, working at MTV, chasing actors and stuff. I understand that’s their job. But I also feel like Hollywood has lost some of its mystery, and that’s too bad.

What do you mean by that?
Sophia: Mystery makes movie stars! If you see someone on the cover of the weeklies all the time, why would you want to pay to see them in a movie?
Hilarie: Yeah, Hollywood doesn’t focus on your work. It’s like giving the Teacher of the Year Award to the hot third-grade teacher. It’s not about whether she can teach long division—it’s if she’s dating the football coach.

What advice do you have for up-and-coming stars?
Sophia: Remember—parading around this town half-naked and getting wasted is only excusable when you’re young enough not to know better. It’s not something you can make a career out of.
Danneel: It stops being cute when you’re 35. Also, sometimes you lose out to hype. I’ll audition against someone, and I know they’re gonna get the part just because they went to the right parties.
Hilarie: See, I know what hype is. When I worked at MTV, during our meeting for TRL, the producers would say, “Look, we know O-Town sucks, but sell them today.” Then, a year later, those guys are begging to be on the show, and we’re like, “Sorry. You’re not cool anymore.” People have become products.

Say you weren’t acting. What would you be doing?
Sophia: Writing. I went to school for journalism.
Danneel: I studied beat poetry.
Hilarie: You know, Danneel here is our only college grad.

You guys legitimately seem to like each other. That’s not very Hollywood.
Hilarie: You know, we could totally be ****ing with you, and this could all be bull****.
Sophia: We might be that good. We are actors, after all.

Et voici les photos:
La couverture :

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MessageSujet: Re: Les filles dans Maxim   Mar 15 Mai - 15:41

j'arrive pas a le croire mais hilarie est vraiment trés trés belle!!!!!!!
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Les filles dans Maxim
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